Common Mistakes That Can Hurt a Personal Injury Claim

There are many things that can greatly impact your chances of successfully settling a personal injury claim. Therefore, our skilled Kansas City personal injury attorneys would like to help you understand some things to keep in mind when proceeding forward with a case such as this.

What Are Types of Personal Injury Claims?

A personal injury claim is an accident in which a plaintiff is hurt by another person’s negligence or intentional act which causes harm. Furthermore, when a personal injury does occur, the injured party may be able to receive compensation. Such accidents may include:

What Should I Do First After the Accident?

When an unfortunate personal injury accident does happen, first you must contact an experienced attorney to help you with the litigation process. A skilled Kansas City personal injury attorney will first help gather all the facts surrounding the incident to make sure the proper steps take place so your case is not compromised. An important and sometimes helpful thing to do is to keep a journal of the events prior to the personal injury accident, and also what occurred afterwards in regards to medical treatment. Furthermore, keeping track of any pains or things your doctor has told you can also help your case.

Common Mistakes

There are many mistakes some people make along the way when going through a personal injury case including the following:

  • Talking too much to others about your case; you should only communicate with your attorney.
  • Posting things on social media such as Facebook about your case or anything that could compromise your claim.
  • Communicating with an insurance adjuster, defendant, or an investigator.
  • Delaying medical treatment.
  • Disposing of evidence.
  • Not being honest.

No one expects to be injured by an accident, but when the unthinkable does occur, it pays to have a skilled Kansas City personal injury attorney on your side. The esteemed personal injury attorneys at Klenofsky & Steward, LLC have handled countless claims such as this and can help you. We will fight on your behalf and make sure you receive the fair financial compensation you deserve. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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